The Lighting in A Room Can Affect Your Emotions

According to a study from the Journal of Consumer Psychology, the lighting, and its intensity, in a room can affect a person’s emotions both positively or negatively. It falls along the same theories that people are more cheerful on sunny days and become sullen or crave caffeine when the weather outside is gloomy. While we can’t control nature and the sun’s patterns, we can modify the lighting in our homes to create a more positive environment.

In brighter lighting, people tend to have more intense emotions – for the positive or negative. The bright white lighting itself didn’t have an impact on the person’s attitude but their reactions were more intense and vibrant. It is predicted that bright light is often associated with heat so the bright lights might be triggering a person’s hot emotional system.

Soft warm lighting can remind someone of candles which is why it is recommended for creating a romantic atmosphere. To warm the room and relax the mood, try soft filtered light effects or stylish nostalgic light bulbs. Adding a sheer fabric over bright lights can also be helpful in softening the lighting when you don’t have the options of changing the bulbs.


Another option is colored lighting. Chromotherapy is an alternative medicine method using different colors of light. Light in the form of color can be used to balance the emotional, spiritual, and mental energy of humans. Orange has alleged functions of emotions and sexuality, Green functions love and responsibility, and Blue functions physical and spiritual communication energies. Several of WITTI’s products including the BEDDI Glow, the original BEDDI and the NOTTI all feature coloring changing LEDs which can be set to balance the mood that you’re in.

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Top 5 Tech Gifts for Valentine’s Day


Still looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the lucky one? Here are 5 amazing little gifts that could use everyday and make her/him feel your love everyday.


Source: polaroid, brookstone

1. Mobile photo printer.

You likely take selfies with your loved one all the time but they become trapped in your camera’s gallery or deleted over time to make room in your memory. A mobile photo printer like the Polaroid Zip Mobile Photo Printer I small enough to fit in a handbag and is ready to print photos directly from your phone in an instant.

2. Cordless Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager.

Everyone loves receiving a massage but for when you’re apart, the cordless neck & back massager from Brookstone will be available to hit the spot to relax sore muscles and shoulders.


Source: WITTI Design

3. CANDI Wireless Charging Station.

How about giving your sweet some candi that will give them a boost instead of cavities. The new CANDI wireless charging station is available in pastel pink, brilliant blue, or sleek black to wirelessly charge iPhone 8 / 8 Plus and iPhone X, Samsung S8, S8 Plus, S7, S7 Edge, S6 Edge+, Note 5 and any Qi-enabled smartphones and mobile devices.


Source: I-Blades, ZOS

4. I-BLADES modular phone case.

For those who hate running out of juice or memory on their phones, the new i-BLADES modular phone case not only protects your loved one’s phone, it alerts them if the surrounding air quality is harmful, recharges the phone, and adds extra memory with the modular smartblades.

5. ZOS wine preserver.

Nobody enjoys a headache from drinking too much wine. With the ZOS wine preserver, wine lovers can preserve an open bottle of wine for two months so that they can enjoy one glass at a time. It’s also perfect when pairing multiple wines with a multi-course dinner on Valentine’s Day.

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Another Successful CES

Blog_cover_201801_CES_1024x1024January is much more than the start of a new year for us at WITTI. It marks the excitement and craziness of the annual International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas – more commonly known as CES. We had a fantastic show and received a phenomenal interest in our upcoming products. We have many new items in the works and wanted to share a preview with you.


Now available – the CANDI wireless charging station. We weren’t excited by the average wireless charging devices on the market because the device always lays flat and isn’t easily accessible or viewable while charging. So, we created the CANDI to be most colorful stand–up wireless charger you’ll find. It’s currently available in pink, teal and black and we would love to hear what colors you would like to see in the future.


Spring will be a busy time for WITTI as we plan to launch four new products.

The BEDDI Glow will be upgraded to the BEDDI Glow SE with easier to use labeled smart buttons, ability to set the alarm directly on the BEDDI Glow SE, battery back-up in case you lose power, and USB ports on the top for easy access.

The original BEDDI is also getting an upgrade with the BEDDI2. The BEDDI2 will include the same smart home integration, wake-up light, mood light, multiple USB charging ports, etc. The BEDDI2 also now features a clearer display, indoor temperature reading, ability to set the alarm directly on the unit, battery back-up, and a white noise generator.

The new HEXXI line will be a great way to charge your smart phone or smart watch. The hexagonal base allows multiple HEXXIs to fit together so that you can charge an Android or iPhone, an iPad and a smart watch in a sleek organized way without having to take off most cases.

The new DOZZI will be one of the most unique white noise generators you can find. The DOZZI features an actual fan that is adjustable to create the optimum white noise for your liking. Plus the DOZZI includes a nightlight and USB charging port.

We can’t wait to share these with you when we’re ready to ship. We wish everyone a fantastic 2018.

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Could your pets be affecting your sleep?



Our furry friends are a huge part of our lives, and whether you have a cat or a dog, there is a good chance that from time to time you let them sleep in your bed. A study by the American Pet Products Association found that 62% of cat owners sleep with their pets, and another 13% of cats sleep with children. The same study showed that 62% of small dogs, 41% of medium sized dogs and 32% of large dogs sleep with their owners.

But did you know that your pets could actually be affecting your sleep? Unfortunately, sleeping with your pet could be having a negative effect on your sleep quality in the following ways.

Cats are Nocturnal

Cats are naturally nocturnal animals. This dates back thousands of years before cats were domesticated, and were used to hunting at night. However our pets have inherited this trait from their ancestors. As cat owners will know, cats tend to spend a lot of the daytime sleeping, so if you plan on getting a good night’s sleep with a cat then think again. They will more than likely keep you awake walking around the bed or sitting on your face!

Cats are Territorial

Cats are also territorial animals, so if they get used to sleeping in your bed, they tend to make it their own. Your bed is no longer your bed, it’s theirs! Some cats can even get aggressive if you try to move them from their new found bed, and can hiss or scratch at you if you try to move them. You are much better off setting out ground rules from day one and keeping your cat out of the bedroom.


Dogs are Restless

Dogs can be restless in bed, and can move, kick and bark in their sleep. This is caused by the fact that dogs, like humans, enter REM (rapid eye movement) sleep phases. This is also referred to as active sleep. In fact, up to 25% of a dogs time spent sleeping is in a REM state, so don’t be surprised if you spend 25% of your time in bed with your dog awake!

Sleeping with your Pets Could Cause Illness

Sleeping with your pets could also have other implications on your wellbeing. When sleeping in such close proximity to your pet, it is very easy to pick up illnesses or infections from them, such as antibiotic-resistant infections, meningitis, ringworm, or intestinal parasites. Children are especially at risk, and could also develop respiratory illnesses from sleeping with your pets.

Some studies show kicking your pet out of the bedroom could be of benefit to your pet too. Some veterinarians believe that allowing dogs to sleep on human beds is a not a good thing, behaviourally speaking. Puppies that are more prone to issues with aggression may fully develop these behaviours when allowed to sleep with humans.

On the other side of the coin, there are some benefits from sleeping with your furry friend. It is definitely relaxing, and provides companionship and comfort, and also a feeling of safety, but if your sleep is suffering as a consequence it is time to get your pet out of the bedroom!

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Don’t Let the Holiday Spirit Hurt Your Sleep


It’s hard to sleep when you have “visions of sugar plums dancing in your head” but healthy sleep habits, while important year round, are especially important during the holiday season. You don’t want to become Scrooge dreading one-holiday gathering after another or suffer from an illness because your immune system is run down from not enough good, restful sleep.

It’s not always easy to stick to tried and true bedtime routines when you’re rushing from family gathering to family gathering and if you add in the fact that you might be traveling for the holidays and having to deal with jet lag. Here are a few issues that may arise during the holidays and ways you can cope:

Later than usual bedtimes: If you’re going to parties after dinner times, it’s likely you’ll be home later than your usual bedtime. Late nights can cause increased levels of cortisol and adrenaline making it difficult to fall asleep when you climb into bed. Even if you’re getting home later than usual, try to settle your down before you leave and spend a few extra minutes to relax your body before you hit the pillow.

Planes, trains, and automobiles: Many sleep problems that are caused by travel can be addressed if you plan before, during and after your trip for those sleep disturbances. If you’re traveling to a different time zone, start a few days before with adjusting your sleep schedule to the time zone to which you will be traveling. If you can sleep on a plane, sleeping during a red-eye flight can help you actually adjust faster when you arrive at your destination. Just make sure you push yourself the first day to adapt to the new time zone.

‘Tis the season… for stress and excitement: Holidays are so exciting to the parties, and travel and the anticipation of receiving gifts. Excitement is a form of stress that can lead to sleepless nights. You may want to alter the bedtime routine to include additional warm bath time and/or quiet reading and relaxation before turning out the lights.

So many good foods: It’s common to eat large, heavy meals during the holidays and that could lead to belly aches and sleepless nights. If possible, try to sample tiny bits of rich foods that you might not normally enjoy and indulge in more fruits and vegetables while limiting sugary drinks and desserts.

Irregular sleep schedules are the culprit when looking at holiday sleep times, but with planning and understanding you can all get through it and take time out for a good night’s sleep!

WITTI Design brings you BEDDI alarms – One of the best Spotify Alarm Clock available in the market which can be controlled via an App. It will wake you up at alarm set time peacefully and refresh your mood with sunrise simulated wake-up light.

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Diffusing Essential Oils To Aid Sleep


In America alone, an estimated 50 – 70 million people suffer from sleep disorders or sleep deprivation and unfortunately, when the tossing and turning has become too much, they often turn to pharmaceuticals first to help them get some rest. But, what if we told you that a simple blend of essential oils dispensed in a diffuser like the ROSSI can be more effective than a sleeping pill…plus it’s natural. In fact, diffusing essential oils can help reduce stress, clear airways, brighten a person’s spirit, and so much more.

Essential oils are transdermal (meaning they penetrate the skin) and work on the body’s physiology in a variety of ways. This means that you can affect your body’s biochemistry when applying them topically in a similar way as when taking them internally or inhaling them via diffusion. Research suggests that topical application may actually be one of the most effective methods for people with sleep disorders as the chemical components of lavender have been shown to enter the bloodstream within 5 minutes of massaging the oil on the skin. The calming and relaxing effects of lavender essential oil have a one-two punch when applied topically because of the direct benefit of the brain when the volatile organic compounds are inhaled and through the skin! However, within 90 minutes of massaging lavender onto the skin, most of the benefits have expired which is why diffusers have become so popular recently. With a diffuser like the ROSSI, you can receive the benefits of inhaling the essential oils for up to 6 hours helping you reach REM sleep.

So, what’s the best essential oil for sleep? Many experts lean immediately towards Lavender as it is the most studied and has been proven to have many soothing effects. Other experts will recommend Chamomile for similar relaxation properties. However, you might want to add something that can help clear the sinuses in case mild nighttime might be partly to blame.

Here are some suggested blends to help you sleep better and ease your feelings of stress.

Sleep Better Blend:

3 drops Lavender

3 drops Chamomile

2 drops peppermint or Melaleuca

Spa Blend:

3 drops Lavender

4 drops Lime

2 drops Peppermint

Stress Less Blend:

5 drops Cedarwood

3 drops Lavender

2 drops Frankincense

Pick Me Up Blend:

3 drops Lemon

3 drops Peppermint

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5 Smart Home Gadgets You need in your life right now


BEDDI Smart Alarm Clock

The BEDDI Smart Alarm Clock is one of the coolest smart home gadgets around. It is so jam-packed with features that you will be looking forward to getting to bed every night! Our USB Alarm Clock has multiple USB charging ports so you can make sure all of your devices are ready to go in the morning. You can also control an array of other smart technologies from the device, such as Nest and Lynx. But most importantly, the BEDDI ensures that you get a great night’s sleep. Its built-in white noise machine will eliminate any distracting sounds, and the built-in light mimics the sunrise to wake you up naturally. If being woken by the light isn’t for you, you can sync the BEDDI with your Spotify Alarm Clock, and wake up to your favorite track.


Kwikset Touchscreen Electronic Deadbolt

This touchscreen deadbolt from Kwikset is one of the coolest smart security devices on the market right now. It has a traditional design, and even allows you to use a traditional house key if you wish, but didn’t be fooled: this device is packed with smart tech! It uses 128-bit encryption to protect your home, it integrates with home automation systems to allow you to remotely lock and unlock your door from anywhere. Definitely one of the must-have smart home gadgets for 2017.


Cop Rose Smart Robot Window Cleaner

Say goodbye to your stepladder and bucket of suds, this cool Robot Window Cleaner will have your windows gleaming in no time. This really takes the pain out of washing windows, especially if you live in a big house. Previously your only options were to brave going up a stepladder and doing them yourself, or else paying someone else to do it. This little device eliminates both of these options and allows you to clean your windows from the safety of the ground. You can even get the kids to do it as they will love playing with the remote control!


Wi-Fi Crockpot

Always have a nice warm meal ready for you when you arrive home, with the Wemo Smart Wi-Fi-Enabled Slow Cooker. With these handy smart home gadgets, you simply throw in the ingredients in the morning before you go to work, and turn the cooker on via the smartphone app whenever you need. Slow cooked meals are not only simple to make, but also hearty and delicious. This can also be used for just warming food that is already cooked, so it is perfectly hot and ready to eat as soon as you walk in the door.


Belkin WeMo

The Belkin WeMo is an awesome little device that allows you to take control of any household device that you have to plug in. There is a huge amount of uses for these little gadgets, and don’t be surprised if you find every device you own is soon plugged into one. The Belkin WeMo lets you power on and off whatever device is plugged into it via the smartphone app, so you can turn on and off lamps or turn on the washing machine while you are away from home. It also monitors the electricity usage of the device that is plugged in, allowing you to keep a close eye on the energy spend of your more powerful devices.

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