Choose Color Projection Alarm Clock For Pleasure Sleep


For being a successful person, one needs time management for ensuring the best use of their skills. The clock is the instrument that allows the individual to work according to the time. With the advancement of the technology oldest inventions of clocks have changed tremendously. Earlier the alarm clocks come with the simple function to alert the individual regarding the time. Nowadays, alarm clocks come with advanced features provide the pleasure of working with the individual. Are you searching for the alarm clock to manage busy schedules?  You can find Color Projection Alarm Clock at the

best wake up light

You’ll be surprised by the features provided by this alarm clock to ease the life of an individual. This alarm clock has the embedded LCD backlight, AC adaptor and outdoor sensors to provide the best display of the temperature and calendar along with the time.

Various features provided by this alarm clock are:

  • Provides different color displays according to your mood
  • Shows the in/out temperature with the advanced arrow indication.
  • Provides facility to alter the backlight settings.
  • Provide battery indicator for ensuring the continuous functioning of the alarm clock
  • Provides 12/24 time and alarm settings
  • Able to automatically save the updates according to the time.

One should a buy a standard alarm clock for the proper management of time to achieve success in life. However, people are more addicted to their phones for checking the time updates or setting the alarms. But this habit is unhealthy for the individual as they start looking at the different other application available on the phone rather than effectively following the time schedule. So, one should buy alarm clocks for effective time management.

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Tips to Avoid Jet Lag

Flying across several time zones in a matter of hours can certainly throw your body’s natural clock out of sync because you are moving faster than your body can adjust. Commonly when you travel across more than two time zones and arrive, you can have trouble falling asleep when you need to and wake up earlier than you want to. In short, you are jet lagged.

Sleep problems tend to be more common when people travel eastward because it’s harder to advance your sleep time than to delay it. But no matter where you fly, you can take a few steps to avoid jet lag.
Your best bet is to adapt yourself to the routine of your destination’s time zone as soon as possible. Try these tips to avoid sleep problems when you travel:
  • Several days before your trip, gradually adjust your sleeping habits to the time zone of your destination.
  • As soon as you board your flight, reset your watch for the new time zone.
  • If you are taking an overnight flight and arrive in the morning, try to get several hours of sleep on the plane.  However, if you will be arriving in the afternoon or evening, try not to sleep too much or take naps so that you can be tired enough to sleep at night.
  • Drink plenty of fluids. Dehydration makes it harder for your body to adjust to the new rhythm.
  • If you feel the need to nap right after you arrive, limit it to 2 hours.
  • Daylight can help reset your internal clock. Try getting some exercise outdoors, like a brisk walk, as soon as you get up in the morning. And if you are tired in the early evening, try to get some fresh air and enjoy a lively atmosphere.
  • Try to keep yourself busy and engaged with other people. If you are arriving during the day or early evening, push yourself to enjoy some sightseeing until it is closer to a traditional bedtime.
Practice good sleep habits while you’re away.

Best Wake Up Light Alarm Clock For Refreshed And Motivated Routines

Slamming the snooze button over and over again is one of the crummiest ways to wake early in morning.  Humans have been awakening according to sunrise from millennia. Even if one is not getting up at sunrise, exposure to light has a positive impact on the body by lowering melanin level. Body starts producing serotonin and reduces the production of melanin. Melanin is the chemical responsible for making one feel exhausted and relaxed in bed. The invention of an alarm clock with wake light has made users able to artificially trigger their natural waking process. Best wake up light alarm clock is able to offer the pleasant awakening experience, just like that of sunlight.  The warm glow of wake up light is able to ease the process of awakening along with ensured peace of mind.

Best Wake Up Light Alarm Clock For Refreshed And Motivated Routines

When one falls asleep, they experience rapid eye movement (REM) sleep and Non-REM sleep. These cycles of sleep repeat themselves on regular duration. Harsh noise of traditional alarm clocks usually distresses the body of an individual. Wake up light is able to modify the process of awakening, and make one feel energized and productive towards the start of a day. Wake up light alarm clock start projecting light before the set alarm time. Light gradually increases as the time of alarm is approaching and reach its peak at the set alarm time.

Gradual light of alarm clock combined with the effect of natural sounds endows with pleasant awakening experience. Alarm clock with wireless speakers allows users to spottily their favorite music in the morning, as they wake up from sleep. Implement small changes in your routine to build quality sleep habits.  Use these advanced alarm clocks to wake up more refreshed and aggravated.

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4 Alarm Clocks Smart Enough to Actually Get You Out of Bed

These innovative digital alarm clocks offer novel ways to rise and shine. Electric shock, anyone?


1. Kello

Instead of screaming you out of bed, this toaster-sized alarm tunes your body clock with sleep-training modes designed to wake you earlier each day or help you recover from jet lag. It can also limit how many times a week you’re allowed to hit snooze and can help you nod off faster by relaxing you with guided breathing exercises. When out of the sack, use Kello to stream music from services like Spotify. $149,


2. Pavlok

If you have an overcrowded nightstand, consider this wearable wristband. Programmed via its smartphone app, it beeps or vibrates to wake you—and then ruthlessly zaps you with an electric shock if you don’t rise in time. An advanced version can be set to shock you for other vices, like biting your nails, smoking or wasting time online. From $128,


3. Beddi

This showoff digital alarm clock works with your other smart-home devices to control lights, music, even your coffee maker with the push of a button. Beddi can be set to slowly dim your bulbs at night as you drift off, and simulate a sunrise to help you wake naturally. It can also connect to a variety of smartphone apps—and even call you (or a guest) an Uber in the morning. $99,


4. Ruggie

This battery-powered rug ensures that you actually get out of bed. The Ruggie wakes you with blasts of sound between 90 and 120 decibels, comparable to the volume of a blender; to mute it, however, you must stand with your full weight on its soft fleece surface for a set time, up to 30 seconds. Once you’re up, it obligingly streams tunes from your smartphone to overcome your resentment and ingratiate itself with you again. $69,


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The Lighting in A Room Can Affect Your Emotions

According to a study from the Journal of Consumer Psychology, the lighting, and its intensity, in a room can affect a person’s emotions both positively or negatively. It falls along the same theories that people are more cheerful on sunny days and become sullen or crave caffeine when the weather outside is gloomy. While we can’t control nature and the sun’s patterns, we can modify the lighting in our homes to create a more positive environment.

In brighter lighting, people tend to have more intense emotions – for the positive or negative. The bright white lighting itself didn’t have an impact on the person’s attitude but their reactions were more intense and vibrant. It is predicted that bright light is often associated with heat so the bright lights might be triggering a person’s hot emotional system.

Soft warm lighting can remind someone of candles which is why it is recommended for creating a romantic atmosphere. To warm the room and relax the mood, try soft filtered light effects or stylish nostalgic light bulbs. Adding a sheer fabric over bright lights can also be helpful in softening the lighting when you don’t have the options of changing the bulbs.


Another option is colored lighting. Chromotherapy is an alternative medicine method using different colors of light. Light in the form of color can be used to balance the emotional, spiritual, and mental energy of humans. Orange has alleged functions of emotions and sexuality, Green functions love and responsibility, and Blue functions physical and spiritual communication energies. Several of WITTI’s products including the BEDDI Glow, the original BEDDI and the NOTTI all feature coloring changing LEDs which can be set to balance the mood that you’re in.

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Top 5 Tech Gifts for Valentine’s Day


Still looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the lucky one? Here are 5 amazing little gifts that could use everyday and make her/him feel your love everyday.


Source: polaroid, brookstone

1. Mobile photo printer.

You likely take selfies with your loved one all the time but they become trapped in your camera’s gallery or deleted over time to make room in your memory. A mobile photo printer like the Polaroid Zip Mobile Photo Printer I small enough to fit in a handbag and is ready to print photos directly from your phone in an instant.

2. Cordless Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager.

Everyone loves receiving a massage but for when you’re apart, the cordless neck & back massager from Brookstone will be available to hit the spot to relax sore muscles and shoulders.


Source: WITTI Design

3. CANDI Wireless Charging Station.

How about giving your sweet some candi that will give them a boost instead of cavities. The new CANDI wireless charging station is available in pastel pink, brilliant blue, or sleek black to wirelessly charge iPhone 8 / 8 Plus and iPhone X, Samsung S8, S8 Plus, S7, S7 Edge, S6 Edge+, Note 5 and any Qi-enabled smartphones and mobile devices.


Source: I-Blades, ZOS

4. I-BLADES modular phone case.

For those who hate running out of juice or memory on their phones, the new i-BLADES modular phone case not only protects your loved one’s phone, it alerts them if the surrounding air quality is harmful, recharges the phone, and adds extra memory with the modular smartblades.

5. ZOS wine preserver.

Nobody enjoys a headache from drinking too much wine. With the ZOS wine preserver, wine lovers can preserve an open bottle of wine for two months so that they can enjoy one glass at a time. It’s also perfect when pairing multiple wines with a multi-course dinner on Valentine’s Day.

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